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Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss

I am sure you recall the series Criminal Minds with this adorable chubby technical analysis named Penelope Garcia. Well Penelope is Kirsten Vangsness in real life.

She is one of my favorite characters in the movie given my IT background. I have always been fascinated by all things technology and analytical.

Kirsten has drawn lots of attention off screen due to her incredible weight loss story which has inspired countless people suffering from weight challenges.

This is the story of how Kirsten loss 50 lbs.

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss

A typical weight loss goal followed by many people involves exercise and diet. There are also the occasional dietary supplements to speed up the process.

The reality is that weight loss can’t be achieve within a matter of days or weeks. It requires not only the right program but also some self-discipline and persistence to follow through. Kirsten Vangness was able to loss up to 50 lbs and also managed to keep it off throughout the years. So how did she do it?

About Kirsten Vangsness 

Kirsten Vangsness was born in July 7, 1972. She writes and act.

Most of us know her as Penelope Garcia in the series Criminal Minds. In this series, she plays the role of an FBI technical analyst.

She also stared in other movies such as Criminal minds: suspect behavior and Criminal minds: beyond borders.




However, despite the fame, Kirsten’s weight loss struggles have made headlines in recent years.

She has always been chubby for as far as she can remember as a kid. At some point she was even featured on the front page of the curve Magazine.

But now she weighs around 150 pounds, and this has people wondering Kirsten Vangness weight loss program.

Kirsten Vangsness aka penelope garcia

How did Kirsten Vangsness lose weight?

When Kirsten started in Criminal Minds as Penelope, she was what we refer to as overweight but like most people struggling with weight issues, she has been through loss and gain. Surprisingly in an appearance on the red carpet in 2014 for the 10th GLSEN Respect Awards, Kirsten looked completely different.

She has dropped about 50 pounds! This had her fans going frantic wanting to know Penelope Garcia’s weight loss secrets.

Needless to say that many rumors spread about her diet. She set the record straight about her amazing weight loss by stating “I lost some weight. I did it by reading a book & listening to a (free) podcast by Renee Stephen”.

kirsten twitter renee

Throughout the years, Kirsten brought down her weight from 200 to 150 lbs. Everyone believes that she looks fantastic.

Renee Stephen Program

Renee Stephen promotes a spiritual form of weight loss based on yoga and self-acceptance for who you are.

The 6-week weight loss program from Renee is known to have helped millions of people suffering from obesity. It also has a free podcast helping people not to be emotionally attached to overeating.

Vangness find Stephens as a true inspiration because she was once overweight. Like many people in this situation she tried exercise and dietary supplements. At some point she tweaked her diet and the way she used to eat.

To her amazement it worked! She put her blueprint into the 6-week weight loss program which is now transforming millions of lives around the globe.


The book offers realistic ways to burn fat coupled with some weight loss recipes to help you lose that extra fat readily and quickly.

It’s worth noting that some reports claim that Kirsten Vangness incredible weight loss was due to using some keto supplements such as Resurge.

However, the actress has not confirmed nor denied any rumors related to this but for those who are familiar with weight loss programs, you will know that it’s practically impossible to lose that much weight without a natural weight loss supplement.

If you are one those looking to lose weight easily without much hustle, then Resurge is certainly the best method to lose weight quickly.

Resurge Pills

Resurge is a pill that can help you lose weight. The way this pill works is by giving people a very good sleep thus fighting aging and well-being.

Isn’t it amazing to be able to shed fat way while sleeping?

Imagine having more focus, more energy because of a good night sleep. The best part? You slim down as well!

The pills come in form of capsule you can swallow, and they don’t have any odor at all.

Made of blended herbs, all natural, these pills won’t leave a bad taste if they get on your tongue by accident.


  • Natural ingredients, proven safe.
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kirsten vangsness now and then Images

penelope then and now

Kirsten Vangsness then and now

kirsten vangsness before and after

Then and now - Images credit

What is Kirsten Vangsness doing now?

After cowriting the final episode of Criminal Minds with producer Erica Messer in May 2020, Kirsten is busy working on a new show called “Making it up”. It’s a kind of one woman show about witches and romance in the 1980s.

According to, she will be heading to various film festivals around with her short film “curtains. That is if the whole covid-19 health crisis allows it.


Brian Christenson, left, Kirsten Vangsness, center, and Robin Christenson are the owners of the Blinking Owl Distillery in Santa Ana, on Saturday, February 15, 2020. (Image credit

FAQ - Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss

Kirsten Vangsness aka Penelope Garcia, has been in the news for her weight loss. I have attempted to answer a few common rumors about her amazing weight loss.

How Much Weight Did Kirsten Vangsness Lose?

It is believed that the actress lost about 50 pounds back in 2014. She went from from 200 pounds to 150 pounds later.

It’s believed that Kirsten’s weight loss was possible because of the changes in her diet.


Did Kirsten Vangsness Go Under Surgery?

Some people believe that Kirsten’s weight loss was a result of bypass surgery.

The fact that she successfully maintained her weight throughout the years raised doubts pointing towards a possible surgery.

I think this is just a myth. She did not go through any bypass surgery. As pointed out earlier on, she lost the weight by natural means.

Besides, Kirsten has been a vegan for more than twenty years. This may contribute to the fact that she can maintain her weight loss.



Many people get inspired by celebrity cases like Kirsten Vangsness

Indeed, people go through a typical program of strict diet and exercises which can be harmful in the long run, to only gain weight again as soon as they fall back to their normal routine.

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss shows us that weight loss is truly possible through natural mean.

She wanted to change for herself and not because of what some else thinks about her. As she brilliantly put once “it’s okay to be different”.

This is a good learning for the many people we embark on a weight loss journey.

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masszymes review

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Does MassZymes Work?

Like any other supplements, every person using MassZymes will experience different results.

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Is it Safe to Use?

There is no reported case of side effects of using MassZymes in a limited dietary supplementation.

How do I use Masszymes?

The correct MassZymes dosage is 1-3 capsules with each meal, in addition to 1-2 capsules between meals.

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Is MassZymes a Scam?

We could not find any indication that MassZymes Advanced Enzyme Formula is a scam.

MassZymes Advanced Enzyme Formula – Our Take

MassZymes Advanced Enzyme Formula does contain a few vital ingredients.

Do they deliver? In a word yes.

It’s worth mentioning that the manufacturer could do a better job in providing more details about the various ingredients.

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